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9×15 - "Liabilities” - Callen and Sam pull Granger’s daughter, former spy Jennifer Kim (Malese Jow), from witness protection to help the team locate an underground spy who has obtained an arsenal of bomb materials, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday (9:00-10:00, ET/PT) on CBS.
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“Omni” – The NCIS: LA team must find who compromised a classified vaccine project from a bio tech company. Meanwhile, Deeks struggles with his emotions upon returning to the field, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Oct. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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Question: Congratulations to Daniela Ruah on her pregnancy and engagement! Will her pregnancy be written into NCIS? –Donna
At this time, the show has “no comment” on whether or not Kensi will in turn be pregnant. But hey, maybe that’s the “most unexpected” midseason turn for “Densi” that showrunner Shane Brennan teased in our fall preview…?


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Several lives (and perhaps a bit of love) were left in jeopardy as CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles wrapped its fourth season. Tonight at 9/8c, the drama picks up right where it left off, with Deeks being brutally tortured for intel on Quinn and Sam’s wife dangling from a window ledge. (As previously scooped, Michelle is not easily felled.) Here, showrunner Shane Brennan previews the physical and emotional fallout, his big plans for a milestone hour and hints at a midseason surprise.

TVLINE | As the new season opens, obviously we’re not getting rid of Sam and Deeks. So I guess it’s not a question of will they survive, but how they survive?
That’s correct. It is always hectic to come out of these things and explore what the implications are — not just for them, but for their relationships with others.

TVLINE | Are you going straight into it, or are you going to show us everything fine and dandy and then give us “12 hours earlier…”?
No, we pick it up where we left off, roll straight into it and it’s pretty full-on, for want of a better description. There’s a big surprise in it. When we think that they’re about to be rescued, maybe they’re not. It gets pretty brutal for the guys. And then there are the ramifications of that, which certainly ripple very deeply into the season.

TVLINE | Eric Christian Olsen told me that Deeks has his most honest conversations ever with both Sam and then later with Kensi.
And there is a lot to talk about. The second episode is very, very emotional. And in Episode 4, there’s a scene between Hetty and Granger, where they’re talking about Kensi and Deeks, and basically Hetty says, “Partnerships can be tricky.” So it really cuts deeply into this season, and there are some very, very big surprises and big turns. This is probably the most laid-out season we’ve ever done. We know every turning point of this season and it really is quite powerful.

TVLINE | Is it safe to say that Deeks has shown Sam a thing or two about himself?
There’s a newfound respect between the two of them. This isn’t the first time Sam’s been in this situation, but it certainly is for Deeks. The tensions and friction between those two characters have been part of the series, and to a certain extent they’re laid to rest.

TVLINE | What does Kensi think about what Deeks has gone through? Does it give her a bit of a scare?
It gives her a big scare. And because everything was predicated by the kiss, a very unexpected kiss, there are two things to be discussed or to be handled. The first is: How will Deeks physically and mentally come through this? Once that is kind of resolved, then there is the elephant in the room, the kiss, which is clearly just between Deeks and Kensi. As a consequence of both the kiss and what happened to Deeks in the finale and what happens to him in the opening episode, their relationship goes to a new level. It continues at that pitch right through the season and then takes a most unexpected turn at the back end of the season. It takes a very, very interesting turn. I mean, really interesting. This is a big act for the season, Kensi/Deeks, and we’re moving it pretty rapidly through the season. When I say “moving it,” their relationship goes to a new level, to a place that a lot of these shows don’t go. And obviously, we take another step in Callen’s journey….

TVLINE | I was going to ask: Any new vittles about him coming our way?
Episode 100 focuses pretty squarely on Callen and his past and his journey. And there may be something for the fans who have watched the Callen stuff closely. They know that he has a little tea tin sitting on the mantle in his house, filled with little pieces of his past, pieces of the jigsaw. Well, he adds another very significant piece of the puzzle to that box in Episode 100. It’s incredibly emotional.

TVLINE | Is Episode 100 going to be out of format or anything?
No. We’ve done “Callen, G.” We’ve done “Lange, H.” We’ve done “Blye, K.” This one’s called, “Reznikov, N.” So clearly this is about someone important, to get their name in the title..

TVLINE | Are you going to be shedding any light on Granger’s past? You kind of been teasing it for a bit now.
You’ll see more of Miguel Ferrer this season; he’s not a regular, but he has joined the title sequence. Later in the season, he plays a very pivotal role in the Kensi/Deeks relationship. And in Episode 100, he is put in very, very serious jeopardy. I won’t say anything more about Granger’s role in 100, but it’s pretty intense.

TVLINE | And I reported a couple of weeks ago that Pete Cambor is going to swing by again, as Nate Getz?
Well, when you have a couple of agents who have been tortured, there’s always a little bit of a debrief with the resident psychiatrist or psychologist. So yes, he makes an appearance — and it won’t be his last appearance this season.

TVLINE | Is Deeks one of those headstrong types like, “I don’t need my head looked at. I’m fine.” Or does he admit that he’s shaken up?
I will say this. Eric Christian Olsen is an incredibly talented actor and you really get to see a new side of Deeks because of this trauma that he’s been through. And Eric is phenomenal in those scenes.

TVLINE | Any other returning faces to talk about?

There could be a returning face later this season who will surprise everyone. I haven’t resolved that yet, but there will be some very interesting guests midseason.

TVLINE | What about any of your NCIS: Red characters [from the spin-off CBS passed on]? Chris O’Donnell had great chemistry with Kim Raver. It’s got to be tempting to grab her for an episode and play that a bit.
The interesting thing about the characters in the NCIS world is that they can come back, once they’re established. Certainly some of the folks who were on the Red team may pop up on NCIS: Los Angeles in the future.

TVLINE | Does it feel like you’ve got 100 episodes under your belt already?
This is a great show, and the enthusiasm from the cast is still like it was in Season 1. Everyone is really having a ball. We’ve got so many stories to tell and, given the nature of our show and the way it sometimes reflects or sometimes preempts what’s happening in the world, this is a show that has a lot of legs. It will go for a long time.

TVLINE | Well, with Dancing With the Stars’ results show gone and NCIS: LA now sandwiched between NCIS and Person of Interest, I think you have a real opportunity here to build buzz.
We’re No. 2 in terms of “bums on seats,” as we say in Australia, and I’m very happy with that place.


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NCIS: Los Angeles closed out Season 4 with the cruelest of cliff-hangers, leaving fans to wonder all summer whether Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis), who was last seen dangling out of a window, would survive; and whether Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) would crack under the pressure of being gruesomely tortured. Oh, and then there are the tiny matters of Deeks and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) locking lips before everything went to hell, and of Callen (Chris O’Donnell) being betrayed by The Chameleon (Christopher Lambert), which set off the aforementioned chain of events.

“The [Season 4] finale and the premiere episode for Season 5, the impact of that particular story will have the greatest consequence of any story we’ve told,” executive producer Shane Brennan tells “For a number of characters involved in that, there’s nowhere to hide. If you think about the trauma that nearly all of them went through in the process of the finale, these things are not easily swept under the rug. We’re not going to pay lip service to them and then move on. … Particularly Kensi and Deeks, their relationship has been altered by the kiss, and then it’s been altered by the trauma that Deeks is going through when we left him.” turned to Brennan, as well as Olsen and Ruah, to get scoop on the Season 5 premiere (Tuesday, 9/8c, CBS). Here are six teasers from the season opener:

1. There won’t be any break in the action. “It’s a continuous season premiere from the finale,” Brennan says. “We play the story out in that first episode. … Everything that we set up in the finale is addressed. I won’t say everything is resolved, but everything is addressed.” For Kensi, it raises the stakes of needing to rescue Deeks and Sam (LL Cool J) before it’s too late. “Now it’s not just her partner she’s saving,” Ruah notes. “It’s this guy that she might have a future with.”

2. Deeks’ troubles may have only just begun.
As if the stomach-churning scene of Deeks getting his teeth drilled wasn’t enough — “I’m sure everyone who had a dental appointment over the summer decided to cancel the appointment,” Brennan jokes — don’t look for the show to ease up as the season progresses. “If you think that that was the big moment in this story arc, it wasn’t. There’s something bigger to come,” Brennan says. “The opening episode is very, very traumatic for both Sam and for Deeks. … Post-traumatic stress is something that happens after the event, sometimes a long time after the event. Deeks is going to have issues well into this season, and he’s going to turn to the people he loves and cares about for help.”

3. Don’t expect a happy ending for Deeks and Kensi. At least not right away. “It’s going to take a little while for Deeks and Kensi to talk this whole thing out. … This season will focus a lot on the Deeks/Kensi relationship,” Brennan notes. Viewers who are hoping for a quick resolution to the pair’s trajectory aren’t alone, however. “I think the audience deserves something. I don’t think it would work if you just bury it, let it go and never talk about it,” Ruah says. “They’re humans. At some point, something has to be said.” But it’s not just Deeks who’s holding back this time. “More than any of them, Kensi is probably in the most emotionally difficult position,” Brennan says. “If this had been a normal day and she’d gone back home and gone to bed, she probably would have lay awake and thought about it all, but she hasn’t got that luxury. The mission comes first, so she’s focused on that. But… as we get to the conclusion of the opening episode, she will need to refocus on … ‘What just happened between Deeks and I, and what does that mean for the future? Does that jeopardize our partnership? Do I ignore this? Do I embrace this? What am I going to do?'”

4. Will Sam have a newfound respect for Deeks going forward? It’s no secret that Sam and Deeks aren’t exactly a buddy-cop pair. But will Deeks’ risking his own life to save Sam and his wife finally earn him Sam’s respect? “They’re the two most contrasting characters on the page,” Olsen says. “There’s a really f—ing great scene in the season premiere between the two of them about that very thing.” But viewers shouldn’t assume anything about their relationship until it plays out, Brennan cautions. “Was Deeks strong enough to resist the torture? Did Deeks give something away? Is Michelle going to pull through this?” he teases. “The audience will have to sit through that and then make their assessment of what Sam thinks of Deeks. The story is only half-told.”

5. Brace for a showdown between Callen and The Chameleon. Callen feels a level of responsibility for Deeks’ and Sam’s predicament, since it was his decision to work with the Chameleon that compromised Sam and Michelle in the first place. “He needs to right this,” Brennan says. “He needs to make sure that the Chameleon does not get away with what he did.” But their story line won’t be wrapped up neatly. “At some point, these two men will find themselves in a room and only one will come out alive,” Brennan promises. “I’m not saying that it happens in the opening episode, but it will happen.”

6. Is the team damaged beyond repair?
As previously reported, Brennan has said that someone will be leaving the team by the end of the season. Whether the departure is a direct result of the events in the Season 4 finale remains to be seen, but it will take a significant toll on Hetty (Linda Hunt). “This will be the toughest season for Hetty,” Brennan says. “She sends people out into danger, running towards the bullets in effect, and she’s done that all of her career. … The way this impacts her people, these events, and the personal effect it has on them, puts her in a very difficult position as the leader of the team. In fact, she is going to have some very difficult decisions to make this season — including a decision about the future of one of her agents.”

NCIS: LA kicks off Season 5 Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS. Do you think Deeks and Sam will survive their ordeal? And which team member do you think will be leaving?


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NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 ended with the tragic scene of Deeks and Sam being tortured by Isaak Sidorov after Marcel Janvier betrayed them. Their search for the missing nukes was interrupted with not only their lives at risk, but with Quinn’s life literally hanging on the edge.

Deeks went from a high moment in his life when he finally kissed Kensi to the lowest possible when he was being tortured. I caught up with Eric Christian Olsen at the CBS Annual Summer Stars event to ask him about the events of the finale and how those events will play out into the upcoming season….

Did you watch the torture scene?

Olsen: I read your article “Did the Torture Go Too Far?” I read the article and then went back and re-watched that because of what you wrote and I was like, ‘she was right.’ It’s not graphic, it’s not gruesome. It’s just literally that scream at the end. And you wrote very kind words about me and what they allowed me to do on that show. And I think that you’re right. I think what’s so heartbreaking is that you see a character that I think for some reason has made so many emotional attachments with fans that they and you saw him just at the bottom.

It was the scream. You sold it with the scream. I think people imagined more than what is actually shown.

Olsen: Yeah. He really just puts the drill up and then it goes back to Sam and off camera you hear that awful scream.

How was it to film that scene?

Olsen: It was awful. It was awful. I couldn’t do a horror movie. I know that. My buddy did Hostel and I almost did that movie with him, but I couldn’t have done it. Jamming that thing in my mouth and I’m all tied down. I read a bunch of books this summer about torture and war and about PTSD and what the effects of that kind of — what we shot. And, I can’t even imagine what that’s like for someone to go through when that’s real because even when it was fake and they yelled “cut” it still got in my head.

Why was Deeks able to hold strong for Sam and Sam’s wife, especially given Sam’s almost disdain for Deeks?

: I think that’s who he is. I don’t think he’s doing it so much for Sam or to prove himself. I think that’s just who he is as a person. This is an opportunity in which he gets to kinda show “I don’t know what your problem is with me and it’s about my hair. It’s about the style of music. It’s about all these things that don’t matter.” This is the sh*t that f***ing matters and you’ll see how it ends.

The season premiere is so good. It is absolutely heartbreaking. I think the most interesting thing about these types of shows are not the events, but the consequence of the events and how it affects the relationships of the characters. And, this is maybe the most — it’s such a watershed moment for so many of the characters. I think there’s consequences emotionally to deal with for what it is that happens.

For Deeks, this is not his background. He was a lawyer. He got into being a detective and then all of a sudden he’s tortured for 7 hours. And, he doesn’t have the ability, at this point, to compartmentalize and fight through it. It’s the most raw he’s ever been. It’s the most vulnerable he’s ever been. It’s the most honest conversations that he’s ever had with Sam and more interesting it’s the most honest conversation he’s ever had with Kensi. There’s a scene with her that’s so good at the end [of the premiere]. Everyone at base camp was crying. Just tears.

Before Deeks got tortured, he had a moment with Kensi. Why did he chose that moment to make a move?

Olsen: I think because he — especially when he has those kind of emotions — he has an inability to articulate`how he feels. And, especially with her. I think that you have that moment of clarity and I think we have this in our own lives which is just those perfect moments of clarity in which everything makes sense in the world. And, that was that. That was that moment. That was that kiss. And, that was that moment after that kiss. It’s just like that’s it. And, then we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that moment. And now we’ve put all these obstacles in his path to get back to the place where it was that. Which is this is how I feel. This is how I feel about you. And, this is what I want. And, now that’s all out the window.

That’s so sad. I have to say that I was never a fan of Deeks and Kensi getting together until the season finale. I thought that they’re partners. They can’t hook up.

: Right. That’s why it’s genius. That’s why Scott Gemmill and Shane Brennan and Frank [Military] are all geniuses. It’s like we can take them to that place and then tear his world apart. Let him fight to get back there. You know what I mean. You have that moment. We all have these. We can think back on our lives like when it made that most sense. When life made the most sense and relationships made the most sense. And, whatever happens and we lose that, we spending the rest of our lives trying to get back to it.

Do you know what’s in the box?

: Yeah.

And will the viewers find out?

: Yes.

Early in the season?

: No. They’re going to have to wait.

Will it be this next season?

: I think it’s gonna be this season. We’ll find out what’s in the box.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 5 premieres on Tuesday, September 24 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


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What else can you share bout the NCIS: Los Angeles premiere? — Shelley
If you thought that Sam and Deeks’ torture in the finale was hard to watch, sorry, the brutality ain’t over yet. More than one team member will be shot in the first episode, which also features a dismembering and a really gross (if clever) ploy involving a large chunk of skin. But it’ll all be worth it in the fight against Sidorov and Janvier. By the end of the hour, one will be dead and the other will be locked away.


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