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10×1 - "To Live and Die in Mexico” - Gravely injured and unable to communicate with the team in the U.S., Callen, Sam and Kensi, with an unconscious Deeks in tow, search for a safe way home as a cartel boss places a “dead or alive” bounty on their heads. Also, Mosely and retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) beseech their contacts in Mexico and D.C. for assistance with their missing colleagues, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday (9:30-10:30, ET/PT) on CBS.
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Big changes are coming for Densi on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 2.

Series creator Shane Brennan teased it recently in an exclusive interview, so we thought we should talk to one of the players involved in the Deeks/Kensi relationship.

What did Eric Christian Olsen tell us about what we’re going to see and how audiences will probably look at the relationship differently moving forward? And just how will Deeks fold into Hetty’s interrogation story and, also, the tough, competitive Monday time slot. Let’s see what one of our favorite actors had to say…
Kensi and Deeks Have A Moment – NCIS: Los Angeles

TV Fanatic: I talked to Shane Brennan recently and he made it sound like some big steps are being taken forward for Densi. Would you say that that’s accurate?

Eric Christian Olsen: Yeah, I think that as the pieces fall on the floor and the person that you chose to put them back together with ended up playing the most kind of pivotal role in whatever that recovery is. I know that she’s obviously still suffering from what happened to her in Afghanistan. The body reacts in really bizarre, interesting ways [due to] traumatic experiences. Deeks went through that and I think Kensi is going through her version of that, and it comes in waves, it comes in flashes.

I think we have one of those moments where Kensi’s character in a very typical Kensi way, she tries to fight it. But they end up having this kind of conversation about it and it’s one of my favorite scenes that we’ve done so far about their relationship, about navigating the walls of her defense.

I think one of the most powerful tools in her toolbox is the art of self-preservation and she uses that a lot when things get too painful or too emotional. To deal with kind of thinking step by step is learning how to navigate those with her and there’s a really amazing scene that capitalizes on that.

TVF: How was it to shoot that scene because I’m guessing even as actors they are scenes that you guys have been kind of itching to play. Is that accurate?

ECO: I think you’re always itching to play those scenes, and I think the beauty of a show like ours, though, is unlike, you know, family dramas where this happens every single week, the backbone of the show, is because we’re inherently a show about NCIS and about all these crimes, and about these scenes that you get them once every seven episodes or so, you maybe get these juicy moments that are about characters, and they’re about the emotion of the characters. And so, yeah, we loved getting those, and it’s so fun to do them, because first off Dani is phenomenal. She’s a great actress.

I don’t know how other actors work, but it’s like watching Lebron [James] when he’s having one of those games where he scores 63 points. It just happens. And all of a sudden, you’re just like, “That’s it. That’s the take.” It’s so honest. It’s so heartbreaking, so real. And that’s kind of my way to look at all the scenes, especially dealing with my own acting and Dani does it too, if you never feel as if you’re being dishonest then the moments aren’t honest then you’ve got to go again. These moments in this scene are so heartbreaking and so honest and they’re one of my favorites so far.

TVF: Did you feel challenged differently, with these scenes than maybe what you’ve done in the past?

ECO: Yeah, because the stakes are always higher. Like when you go to these scenes in life, the repercussions if it goes wrong, you know, you’re out there and you’re putting yourself out there. When you do a scene like this, it’s the same place, because you’re asking your actors to go to this place and if any fraction of that is false, I think we as an audience detach from it. That’s the great thing about Dani and this scene is they are nothing but honest and seamless, which is what I like to call that kind of acting.

TVF: Would you predict the audience might look at these characters differently after what we see in this next episode?

ECO: Yeah, I think they look at the relationship a different way. I think we have a general idea, kind of who these characters are. I think that Shane and Scott and Frank and all these guys have done such an amazing job with the slow reveal of these characters. One of the things I love most about them as writers is that it comes in the most surprising ways. We get to these places in the most surprising paths. And with this it’s the same thing.

You know, these two characters especially, makes these turns on a dime. In one minute there’s anger and then there’s comedy and then there’s honesty, and there’s heartbreak. And I think that’s what’s true about any character, and that’s what’s true about life, really, the relationships.

TVF: I know in the episode there’s something going on with Hetty and the case this week. How does your character fold into either one of those story threads?

ECO: I think it’s kind of the best version. My favorite kind of version of storytelling for our show, which is that there’s, instead of an A story and a B story, there’s about four stories. And Hetty has been taken by the DOJ, Department of Justice, and is being kind of grilled for her role in Afghanistan about the white ghost, about Kensi and there’s a cover-up and they want to know where the money came from. So, she’s really being grilled, and in the meantime, someone has bought personal information about Hetty because they’re coming for her.

So, we’re tracking that down, you’re dealing with Kensi and her own kind of struggle with what happened in Afghanistan and her past, and relationship. It’s a really incredibly, layered is the B-minus word, but there is a, there’s a lot of interwoven plot line in this episode. It’s a really good episode.

TVF: From talking to Shane and now listening to you, it sounds like things are definitely more emotional this season than what we’ve seen in the past. Would you say that’s true?

ECO: I think we’re at episode seven now. We’ve done seven, rising tension, emotional, high-action episodes. We haven’t had a dud yet and sometimes an episode doesn’t work out, but so far, everybody’s brought their A game. I think moving to Monday night at 10 o’clock, is kind of a rally cry for everyone. We’re all in. The ante has been upped. The most competitive hour of scripted television in that time slot on TV. You’ve got Blacklist. You’ve got Castle, not to mention Monday night football. So, I think everybody’s stepping up their game.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.


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NCIS: Los Angeles’ Hetty is going to lend the Scorpion guys a hand later this month, and EW has the exclusive first look.

Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) and his team will enlist Linda Hunt’s NCIS: LA character when a lead on an upcoming case tracking down a priceless painting takes them to a Halloween party and they need her expertise to go undercover and infiltrate the event. The crossover episode of Scorpion is slated to air in late October around the spooky holiday.


Scorpion airs Mondays at 9 p.m., followed by NCIS: LA at 10 p.m. on CBS.


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On Monday’s NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi’s (Daniela Ruah) time in Afghanistan will have tough consequences for Hetty (Linda Hunt), who is sent to Washington, D.C., for a hearing about her handling of the White Ghost mission.

But while Hetty deals with the more immediate fallout, the Afghanistan experience will also have repercussions for Kensi, though they may be less overtly apparent. On theOct. 13 episode, Kensi opens up to Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) about her time there, in a scene Olsen describes as one of his favorite Densi moments of the entire series.

“One of Kensi’s skills is her art of self-preservation that she’s mastered throughout kind of a terrible childhood, which is very similar to what Deeks went through,” Olsen tells “The tragic events that happened in Afghanistan for her, she’s fighting so hard to kind of not deal with those things and to try forget those things. And she has a very honest and revealing conversation with Deeks about her kind of inability to do so, to navigate what it is that’s happening in her own head.”

So, in the never-ending will-they-or-won’t-they drama between Kensi and Deeks, will the White Ghost mission and its aftermath bring them closer together, or just put up another barrier between them?

“It’s easy to be friends with people and to love people when everything’s good,” Olsen says. “It’s when things fall to pieces and we have to put them back together, and the people that we choose to put them back together with, that matter the most. And that’s kind of what Deeks and Kensi have become for each other. I think that’s part of the definition of a great relationship. … There’s anger and there’s comedy and there’s humor and there’s a flash of honesty and then the gate’s wide open. … It’s the ones with the highest walls that, when they come down, come down in the most kind of glorious way.”

Both Kensi and Deeks find themselves confronting issues from their pasts that they’d rather set aside and ignore. “It’s a really good season with really great back story to watch these characters come together, fall apart, come together, fall apart,” according to Olsen.

Here are four more teases about what lies ahead for NCIS: Los Angeles.

1. An unexpected friendship?:
Deeks is taking some sort of perverse pleasure in watching the tension between Kensi and Talia (Mercedes Masohn), Olsen admits. Kensi’s response to Deeks’ flirtation with Talia (whom Olsen calls “Kensi 2.0”) is “a true only child reaction,” Olsen says. “‘He may not be mine, but he sure as hell ain’t yours.’ It’s a really interesting 8-year-old girl version of herself. And then she hates herself for going there. They’re all honest emotions that they’re exploring, which makes it so fun for Deeks to watch. And Deeks really enjoys this lunacy that he’s the catalyst for.” But that may change once Kensi and Talia start to form a bond. “The second that they kind of find a friendship and common ground, then he’s like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait. I wasn’t planning on this. I don’t like this at all,'” according to Olsen.

2. Ray’s back — and so is Max Gentry. Deeks’ childhood friend, Ray (Channon Roe), will be back later this season, Olsen confirms, and his return will force Deeks to reexamine his alias Max Gentry. “Max is an interesting and dark place for Deeks to go, and I think that — like all [aliases] — is a version of himself that he decided not to be,” Olsen says. “It’s a little too real and taps a little bit too deeply and honestly into his own childhood.”

3. Deeks’ daddy issues:
Through the Ray arc, viewers will learn more about Deeks’ backstory and less-than-ideal upbringing. “Deeks has spent kind of his whole life running from his dad and what his dad represents in his life,” Olsen says. “Every time Ray comes back, he’s confronted with not only Ray but with the person that he could have been if he would have continued the cycle that his father kind of instilled in him.”

4. NCIS: LAPD? Though details are scarce, we do know that Deeks will return to the LAPD at some point this season. “We don’t know why he’s sent back to LAPD, we don’t know what the fallout is, but my guess is that as we continue with the fever pitch that is Kensi and Deeks that that probably plays a pretty large role in it,” Olsen teases.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.


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Peter Cambor Returns as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz and

Gerald McRaney (“Jericho”) Guest Stars as a Retired Navy Admiral

“The 3rd Choir” – When the NCIS: LA team learns that someone from their past is targeting one of their own, they desperately search the city. Meanwhile, Operational Psychologist Nate Getz visits Nell to help her through her traumatic experience, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Oct. 20 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Peter Cambor returns as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz and Gerald McRaney (“Jericho”) guest stars as a retired Navy admiral.

CHEAT TWEET: The #NCISLA team searches the city 4 someone from their past & #NateGetz (@petercambor) returns 2 help Nell 10/20 9:59pm

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This weeks Performance of the Week is the entire cast of NCISLA. Not just saying that because it’s the season premiere, but because they all brought something in that made the premiere what it was. Throughout the whole episode it was split into three groups. Sam and Callen in the Sub, Kensi and Deeks with Talia looking for clues to help Callen and Sam, and then there was Granger, Eric, Nell and Hetty. Each actor and character put you right there in the moment of the scene, so you knew and understood what was going on. Also that you knew how worse things were getting by the minute.

Kensi and Deeks doing whatever they can on the ground to figure out what is going on. Deeks talking to the suspect using what he knows and does best to get the guy to talk. His quick wit and his ability to use the objects and things around him to get the information he wants. When he and Kensi are in the Chinese restaurant posing as the couple looking for a place for their wedding reception, he is able to bring his humor and jokes to make the part real. We all know who Deeks is and one of his many layers is that he’s comical and loves to joke around. There is a moment that also happens when he’s talking to the suspect that Deeks is able to go from joking to serious in seconds. The way Eric plays that and how he makes Deeks come down in those seconds is beautifully done. One of the many things to love about Eric and the choices he makes when it comes to Deeks.

With Kensi she is kind of in three different directions. She’s got this whole Talia stay away from my man, but I’m not going to admit that he’s my man. The “cat fight” or rather moment between Kensi and Talia where they get a few punches in at each other. Kensi not apologizing and don’t know why I love it, but the fact that Talia is like ‘not accepting your apology’ and Kensi going ‘not giving you one’, was just kind of awesome. Some how this ends up bonding the two in the end. Honestly rather Kensi and Talia as friends then enemies. Deeks just better watch out, because this is going to be nothing but trouble. This leads us to our final moment, yes I am missing some moments, but this one deserves the mention. The helicopter scene. The moment everyone thinks Sam and Callen are dead and Deeks just goes and reaches for Kensi’s hand and she reaches back. Whiter it’s actually written that he takes her hand or they share a moment as they realize their friends are dead. Something about that moment just spoke volumes with these two characters. I love how Deeks reaches for Kensi’s hand in this moment. In that moment they are comforting each other and nothing else is needed to go along with the holding of their hands.

Moving on to Eric, Nell, Granger and Hetty. Each time the show came back to them something worse is found out and the less they can do about it. In the beginning with Hetty not there to help them or guide them they feel a little lost. They do have Granger, but you can tell it’s not the same. You can almost get this sense that Granger isn’t sure what to do, because the more they know the less they can do. This is frustrating him, because he wants to be able to help and he wants to bring Sam and Callen home, but there is only so much that can be done. Nell and Eric are feeling that because they are working hard and faster to try and get what they can, but it’s just not enough. At one point it seems as if Eric wants to tell Granger, ‘I’m doing the best I can,’ or just snap back at him. When Hetty comes back, you think she knows what to do and she can save them. She ends up really saying, I’ve got nothing. You see that in the moment between her and Eric were he tells her about the Navy is ready to destroy the sub. He asks her ‘what can we do?’ and she responds ‘pray. Loud and hard.’ This is the moment you realize there is nothing they can do and while they will still try to do everything and anything it isn’t going to matter. The way Miguel, Barrett, Renee and Linda play these scenes you can feel their panic, their worry, their desperate need to help their friends.

Now to inside the sub with Callen and Sam. Maybe that should be a new spin-off? What was to be loved most about the Sam and Callen scenes is that it’s just Sam and Callen. Sam and Callen don’t get many episodes where they are together through out the whole episode. It was nice to get to see the partnership that is Sam and Callen. They had to relay on what they had and what they know. It brought fourth all the great qualities that Sam and Callen have as characters. They were out of their element and they had to think on their feet. They were also able to keep that banter they do so well. Even though they were in this situation they were still able to tease each other and keep an up beat attitude. Which was surprising when they realized that they were going to have to sink the sub and making sure the Navy pinged them so the sub could be blown up, even if it meant they died as a result. The fact that they didn’t give dying to stop the sub from blowing up it’s target a second thought, was something that shows that they are committed to their jobs. They knew the risks of being an NCIS Agent and are willing to save millions over themselves. Now I know Sam was a Navy Seal, but the point I’m making is that the episode could have easily been we’re getting out of here, we’re going home. It’s also something that isn’t brought up in a lot of the episodes, because it’s known. It’s still nice when it is mentioned. Just watching LL Cool J and Chris play these scenes, you can get lost in them.

All these different moments throughout the episode, as corny as it sounds, made the episode. It balanced out the show, so you got to see how each character was dealing with what was going on. While you could pick out one character or actor who stood out, you don’t want to because they all had stand out moments.

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Callen and Sam are all wet in NCIS: LA Season 6 Episode 1… but not in a good way.

If you remember from NCIS: LA Season 5 Episode 24, the twosome ended the spring in a submarine, with their future looking anything but bright.

The season premiere picks up where we left off and – as series creator/executive producer Shane Brennan told me recently – the episode was quite the undertaking due to the use of a submarine, stunt work and, of course, water to contend with.

But what else is coming in the new season? Brennan had much to tease about Hetty’s big journey in the first few episodes and it seems we’re finally going to see some big emotional moments between Kensi and Deeks that could change their relationship as we know it. (One hint that Brennan offered: this potential romantic relationship won’t be dragged out the way DiNozzo and Ziva were on NCIS)

Let’s dive in, so to speak, to everything Brennan had to say we’ll see in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6.

TV Fanatic: The premiere is really kick ass, I must say so my first question is what were the biggest challenges in shooting it??

Shane Brennan: Well there were two major challenges and the first was actually the submarine. We did in fact build the tank as well on the Paramount lot so it was a major undertaking. It’s probably one of the biggest set constructions we’ve done on the show and being able to flood it the way we did, all of the stunts that were involved, the water that came through the hull and the pressure, all of that stuff was a pretty big undertaking from everyone involved. And they did an amazing job. I mean, Chris and LL Cool J spent a lot of time wet making this episode…it’s a very big episode.

TVF: Without spoiling what actually happens, are there any repercussions from what happens in the premiere or is the chapter closed?

SB: Well the biggest repercussion to come out of the episode is what happens to Hetty. Hetty does end up in Washington. She cannot get away from that. And the next couple of episodes we find Hetty really under the microscope in Washington, in front of the Senate committee, Senate hearing, and she’s trying to explain to them how she runs her business. If people love Hetty, they are going to love these next two episodes following the premiere.

They are really, really strong episodes. In fact if you look at the season finale for season five, which was continued into the season premiere, the following two episodes from there are also episodes that are to be continued. So we had almost a four episode arc involving the sub and Hetty having to go to Washington and then Hetty’s faced with some pretty intense scrutiny.

TVF: Might that be an opportunity to maybe reveal a little more about her because there’s always so many questions about her past and even her past with Callen and other things?

SB: We reveal a lot about Hetty in these first three episodes. We reveal some pretty fun information, some pretty surprising information and for Hetty it’s not without its heartbreak. We see a return of someone from her past in a fairly major return, so it’s a very Hetty-centric sort of couple episodes after the premiere. The fans are going to love it.
NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Premiere Promo

TVF: Tell me where we’re going with Talia being in the mix and this potential triangle with Kensi and Deeks. There are some great scenes in this first episode with them.

SB: Yeah, Mercedes Masohn is just fabulous as Talia. We had such a good time with her last season we said we’re going to bring her back. And the relationship the chemistry between her and Kensi on screen, it’s fabulous. She’s a fun character and we’ll be seeing more of her.

I can tell you that there are some very emotional moments coming up in these first three episodes. There’s one particular moment that is very, very emotional between Kensi and Deeks. I won’t say any more about it other than that but it’s probably one of the most emotional scenes we’ve had on the show actually. That’s something for people to look out for. It is a very powerful moment. It’s kind of heart wrenching.

TVF: Will it change their relationship in a big way?

SB: I won’t answer that. [laughs] It’s an interesting thing because in the moment it may not necessarily, but you have to believe that such a powerful moment, emotional moment between the two of them will have some impact on their future relationship.

TVF: Beale is one of my favorite characters. And I’ve seen Barrett Foa sing. He’s really amazing.

SB: And he can sing. That may happen at some point. I’m not planning it, but at some point we use everyone’s skills.

TVF: What’s Beale’s piece of the new season?

SB: No one else could play Eric Beale but [Barrett]. He’s just fabulous in that role. The relationship that he has had with Nell really caught us all off guard. There’s a great sort of chemistry between the two of them and we’re always looking for opportunities to play that. There are some fun moments for Beale in these first half dozen episodes. He’s actually out in the field at one point so we get him out of the box and we’re always looking for opportunities to explore what Barrett can do because he’s such a fine actor.

TVF: Everything you’ve told me so far, I would say the first half of the season is more of an emotional journey for everybody than it has been in the past. Do you see it that way?

SB: Yeah, we had been slow with the emotional. We have an action sort of fun show but we don’t steer away from the emotional stuff at all. If we feel the characters are going in that direction we’re very happy to explore it. We’re not scared of exploring it. In terms of the Kensi/Deeks relationship we’re not going to do a DiNozzo/Ziva [from NCIS]. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to explore the relationship to its fullest.

I know people can get a little impatient with those things but you can’t rush into any of this sort of stuff because the audience has to see the journey. The have to see the decision making that goes into a relationship and why some things happen and other things don’t. You can’t just leap to it because it doesn’t feel true. And what we’re trying to do with these characters is explore their relationship in a very honest and true way and that can take time because that’s what happens when you have these sorts of relationships take place at work. You have to be very careful with them so there’s a lot more that come in the Kensi/Deeks relationship, not just this season, but next season too.

We also have for Sam a big surprise coming for him later in the season. And we have a pretty big step up in the Callen story later this season as well and we will certainly be playing a little bit more of Callen backstory and some interesting romantic shifts in his life, too.

TVF: I was going to say, are these more personal stories or more professional stories or a little bit of both?

SB: It’s a little bit of both. I mean the fun we have when we work on the show is finding ways to, as I said, explore these characters in what is sort of a fun action escapist type of show and the cast is just so damn good. You can’t resist writing the material because you know they’re going to deliver it. It really is quite extraordinary how they step up to the challenge and how they can sell a big emotional arc in what is a fun action show.

TVF: Let me ask you just about the day shift to Monday nights. How do you feel about that and being away from the Mothership for the first time on the schedule?

SB: Well look, I think NCIS: Los Angeles is so different for NCIS and then when I created the show that was the mandate I gave myself. I didn’t want a clone of NCIS. I wanted it to be different. I think we provide for people who watch NCIS, it’s kind of a flipside of the coin. Let’s go to LA and see what’s happening.

So I think moving to Monday night, that audience we’ve had for almost since the first episode, we’ve had a hardcore group of people who watch the show and they’re going to find the show on Monday night at ten o’clock. I’m not concerned about that at all. In terms of standing alone, we’re following the show called Scorpion, which is a really great, serious show that’s got a lot of fun and action and it’s young and I think they’re great companion pieces together.

NCIS:LA premieres tonight in its new Monday at 10/9c time slot on CBS.


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