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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 will be released on DVD August 18th. Some of the bonus features you can look forward too are: Audio Commentary on select episodes with cast members, deleted and extended scenes and different video segments. Here are a few:The World on a String, Too Close for Comfort: Season 6 of NCIS: Los Angeles, Clothed for the Season, Turning Back Time. Here is the cover art.


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This week’s episode was filled with intense action and suspense. While everyone once again did a fabulous job with the episode, this weeks performer of the week is Renee Felice Smith.

Nell went through something that was true to nature, unless you are a complete psychopath. She shot and killed a man, even though it was self defense, it’s still something hard to deal with because you’re taking another mans life. I love that the show went this rout, because it’s not something you see on cop shows. Most shows the Cops, FBI or Federal Agents they kill and move on, because they know it’s either them or the bad guys. So to see how someone would deal with or feel after killing someone for the first time isn’t something they do.

In the very beginning of the scene when Nate first comes to Nell’s door, even though she’s not doing so well because of her first time killing someone, she still has the instinct to grab the gun. She’s not sure who’s at the door and she goes for the gun. It’s a really telling moment. When it came to the Nell and Nate scene it really felt genuine. That is one thing this show has been constant about, that when it comes to moments where a character is going through something, the scenes of talking it through are genuine. They feel natural and never feel over the top or too much. Then came in Hetty who gave Nell the push she needed to help get her back into her right headspace. It was just want Nell needed, so in the end she was there to protect Hetty, when it seemed like she was backed into a corner.

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This weeks Performance of the Week is the entire cast of NCISLA. Not just saying that because it’s the season premiere, but because they all brought something in that made the premiere what it was. Throughout the whole episode it was split into three groups. Sam and Callen in the Sub, Kensi and Deeks with Talia looking for clues to help Callen and Sam, and then there was Granger, Eric, Nell and Hetty. Each actor and character put you right there in the moment of the scene, so you knew and understood what was going on. Also that you knew how worse things were getting by the minute.

Kensi and Deeks doing whatever they can on the ground to figure out what is going on. Deeks talking to the suspect using what he knows and does best to get the guy to talk. His quick wit and his ability to use the objects and things around him to get the information he wants. When he and Kensi are in the Chinese restaurant posing as the couple looking for a place for their wedding reception, he is able to bring his humor and jokes to make the part real. We all know who Deeks is and one of his many layers is that he’s comical and loves to joke around. There is a moment that also happens when he’s talking to the suspect that Deeks is able to go from joking to serious in seconds. The way Eric plays that and how he makes Deeks come down in those seconds is beautifully done. One of the many things to love about Eric and the choices he makes when it comes to Deeks.

With Kensi she is kind of in three different directions. She’s got this whole Talia stay away from my man, but I’m not going to admit that he’s my man. The “cat fight” or rather moment between Kensi and Talia where they get a few punches in at each other. Kensi not apologizing and don’t know why I love it, but the fact that Talia is like ‘not accepting your apology’ and Kensi going ‘not giving you one’, was just kind of awesome. Some how this ends up bonding the two in the end. Honestly rather Kensi and Talia as friends then enemies. Deeks just better watch out, because this is going to be nothing but trouble. This leads us to our final moment, yes I am missing some moments, but this one deserves the mention. The helicopter scene. The moment everyone thinks Sam and Callen are dead and Deeks just goes and reaches for Kensi’s hand and she reaches back. Whiter it’s actually written that he takes her hand or they share a moment as they realize their friends are dead. Something about that moment just spoke volumes with these two characters. I love how Deeks reaches for Kensi’s hand in this moment. In that moment they are comforting each other and nothing else is needed to go along with the holding of their hands.

Moving on to Eric, Nell, Granger and Hetty. Each time the show came back to them something worse is found out and the less they can do about it. In the beginning with Hetty not there to help them or guide them they feel a little lost. They do have Granger, but you can tell it’s not the same. You can almost get this sense that Granger isn’t sure what to do, because the more they know the less they can do. This is frustrating him, because he wants to be able to help and he wants to bring Sam and Callen home, but there is only so much that can be done. Nell and Eric are feeling that because they are working hard and faster to try and get what they can, but it’s just not enough. At one point it seems as if Eric wants to tell Granger, ‘I’m doing the best I can,’ or just snap back at him. When Hetty comes back, you think she knows what to do and she can save them. She ends up really saying, I’ve got nothing. You see that in the moment between her and Eric were he tells her about the Navy is ready to destroy the sub. He asks her ‘what can we do?’ and she responds ‘pray. Loud and hard.’ This is the moment you realize there is nothing they can do and while they will still try to do everything and anything it isn’t going to matter. The way Miguel, Barrett, Renee and Linda play these scenes you can feel their panic, their worry, their desperate need to help their friends.

Now to inside the sub with Callen and Sam. Maybe that should be a new spin-off? What was to be loved most about the Sam and Callen scenes is that it’s just Sam and Callen. Sam and Callen don’t get many episodes where they are together through out the whole episode. It was nice to get to see the partnership that is Sam and Callen. They had to relay on what they had and what they know. It brought fourth all the great qualities that Sam and Callen have as characters. They were out of their element and they had to think on their feet. They were also able to keep that banter they do so well. Even though they were in this situation they were still able to tease each other and keep an up beat attitude. Which was surprising when they realized that they were going to have to sink the sub and making sure the Navy pinged them so the sub could be blown up, even if it meant they died as a result. The fact that they didn’t give dying to stop the sub from blowing up it’s target a second thought, was something that shows that they are committed to their jobs. They knew the risks of being an NCIS Agent and are willing to save millions over themselves. Now I know Sam was a Navy Seal, but the point I’m making is that the episode could have easily been we’re getting out of here, we’re going home. It’s also something that isn’t brought up in a lot of the episodes, because it’s known. It’s still nice when it is mentioned. Just watching LL Cool J and Chris play these scenes, you can get lost in them.

All these different moments throughout the episode, as corny as it sounds, made the episode. It balanced out the show, so you got to see how each character was dealing with what was going on. While you could pick out one character or actor who stood out, you don’t want to because they all had stand out moments.

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You don’t want to mess with Nell Jones. That’s all thanks to Renee Felice Smith. Having joined the series and the team in Season Two, Nell Jones has proved time and time again that there is so much more to her then meets the eye. She’s a character that once you think you have her all figured out something changes and you’re thrown for a loop. This week was no different. It’s in tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that Nell proved that not only is she good at what she does, but she again proved she has what it takes to be a great agent too.

The episode started like any other. You start off seeing the crime and what’s going to start the team on their mission. After the opening credits you get that the guys talking about Kensi and then Kensi walks back in the bullpen. Callen and Sam acted like Kensi coming back was no big deal while Deeks was being all awkward and unsure of what to do. Eric comes in calling them all up to the Ops center for their assignment. Nell and Kensi seeing each other for the first time in the episode. That concludes the awkward meet and greet between the characters and they move on with the mission. Callen and Sam figure out where to go to first and Deeks gets ready to work with his partner again, but Nell gives them the bad news that Hetty wants to seem them. Hetty tells Kensi and Deeks that Kensi will be up in Ops with Eric and Deeks will partnered with Nell. It then cuts to a scene of Nell coming down the stairs all ready to go.

Start of the case and Nell is telling Deeks this wasn’t her choice and asking if they were good. Lets start with that. I love the way Eric Christian Olsen and Renee Felice Smith play off each other. You could get that hint from Deeks that he’s not amused that he’s still has not got his partner back, but at the same time he knows what Nell is capable since they have been paired up before. Once they move past that moment they are right back into that partnership they had created in previous episodes. Which shows very nicely come the scene when Deeks and Nell got to talk to Deeks’ CI. “It’s all about Respect” Deeks says, yet Nell’s the one doing all the talking and showing how much stronger she is and really coming into her Agent status. Not going to lie really saw the scene going that way and it was perfectly done. Nell is showing more and more she can handle herself and even outshine the boys a little. If you go back to Season Four when Nell asked Sam and Callen about becoming an Agent, they responded for her to trust her training.

Continuing on in the episode you got Deeks and Nell with their banter back and forth to which Nell gives as well as she gets. Which is one thing to love about Nell, she’s not afraid to joke and tease right back. One of the great scenes in tonight’s episode was when Nell comes back and she talks with Kensi about her being back in the field. You feel the tension in the air, because Kensi is jealous that while she is in Ops bored Nell is out in the field. Then there is Nell who feels bad because she wants to be an Agent, but at the same time Kensi is her friend and co-worker. What was great about this scene is that Nell spoke her mind; she told Kensi straight out ‘Have you ever wanted something, really wanted someone, but not in the way you got it? Then she goes on to say ‘I want to be an Agent, just not like this.’ It was just this simple moment where you know Nell isn’t willing to take this from Kensi even if it’s want she really wants. That she respects the friendship and work relationship with Kensi too much to take her job from her. Kensi replies back with ‘I get it,’ that she understands and that she’s not mad at Nell. Kensi knows this isn’t Nell’s fault, but she’s starting to accept the things that aren’t in her control. This scene then leads to the power duo in Ops working their magic once again, doing what they do best. Eric is having issues cracking a firewall and Nell comes in to help. They are able to crack it and figure out there was a jukebox purchased that leads Callen and Sam figure out that it is where the money is stored. This all leads us to the final moments of the case when they let their suspect go, which leads the terrorist to the money. Just when you think the bad guys are going to get away with the money Callen and Sam appear out from behind wine crates and the two sides start a gun battle. One of the terrorists gets away and he takes off running only to be stopped by Nell. As Deeks is handcuffing him Nell is teasing him.

‘See you got to stay in control Deeks’
‘Is that so’
‘Yeah cause it’s all about respect’
“Okay well played, well played.’
Well played indeed.

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So after watching tonight’s amazing episode of NCISLA, I decided to try something new for the site. Hopefully we can continue it for the rest of the season and into the next. While everyone on the show is amazing and shines in every episode, we have decided to pick out who we think stood out in the episode, and write up a little reason to why.

In tonight’s episode 5×19 Spoils of War we believed that actor Eric Christian Olsen stood out in the episode. While the episode had so many great moments, here are our top picks for the best moments in the episode. From the start of the episode you knew this wasn’t going to be an easy mission for Deeks. That it was in fact going to be gut-wrenching mission for him. His partner, the woman he cares the most about in the world is missing. Hetty already knows Deeks is emotionally involved in this case and tells Sam if he needs to he can pull Deeks out. We all know this is something Deeks wouldn’t do, not when it comes to Kensi. When they arrive in Afghanistan they have no idea what is going on. Sam then tells Deeks to stay at the house. Of course Deeks isn’t too happy about that one. After Deeks and the other guy left behind by Granger enter the house Deeks searches for the information to the questions he needs answers. Deeks is a cop and not an agent or a seal so doing things the way he knows how to do them. It makes the scene where Deeks talks about torturing the guy for information, but says he wouldn’t do that. That he has morals.

Cut to the scene where Deeks get the phone call and he starts it off with a little light comedy. When Hetty give Deeks the news of the photograph (one I am still trying to figure out why she would do that when she knew he was emotionally invested in this mission) you just see this change in Deeks. What Eric Christian Olsen does so beautifully is how he conveys emotion in his eyes. You watch as Deeks gets the news and you see him slowly start to realize Kensi is dead. They have this picture of Kensi where she appears to be dead, but even when they say they don’t believe it for a second, he’s still in this mentality of “she is dead, she is gone”. He brings you to this place Deeks is at right now and you heart breaks for him. What continues to shatter your heart over and over is when he asks for them to send him the photo and he tries to come to terms with the photo of Kensi dead. You know this is the moment where Deeks changes. And he does change, because now he’s angry and hurting and blaming himself for all this. He makes a comment about how Kensi is the person he cares about most on this planet and that she’s here because of him. We all know it had nothing to do with him, sure timing was a little off – Cough Hetty Cough-, but we find out that she was sent because Hetty was ask for help by Jack and she knew Kensi would never kill Jack. Olsen is able to bring you to that place Deeks is at in that moment, you feel his pain and his angry and how he feels responsible for this.

Then you have the moment were Deeks has just given up, this guy isn’t telling him what he wants to know and now he needs to do what he ever it takes to find the answers he needs. So Deeks slowly pushes past this point where if he truly crosses this line, he might not return. You get to see that played out when Deeks gives the guy one more chance and when he doesn’t tell him what he wants, Deeks starts to water board the guy. He’s filled with anger and this need for the information and says if you tell me what I want I’ll stop, but only to realize how wrong it really was. That whole quick change in the character and the ability to go from this man on a mission to a guy helping out this person he hurt and realizing he went a bit to far. Beautifully done transformation. Which leads Deeks to be more caring to the guy and it shows that even in the situation where the person he loves and cares about most is in danger, he still not okay with crossing that line. The Season ended and started with Deeks being tortured, so yeah he’ll have person issues with it, demons he needs to face, but it also shows that he’s not a ruthless person. Like he had mentioned early in the episode he had morals. (If you look at the scene with Callen, Sam, Granger, Sabatino and the other guy, just about three of them were willing to kill a young girl and/or let the young girl die to protect themselves. I’m thankful Callen and Sam were so not on board with that.)

The end is from Deeks seeing Kensi for the first time to the finale hug. As Deeks is walking across for the trade you see him look back at Kensi and you know he wants to just walk away from the guy and go to her. You can see the struggle on his face because he can’t go to her just yet. You all see that worry and sadness because she’s just this wounded person. He knew she’d be hurt, but don’t think he ever expected it to be this bad. When he goes back to the team, kind of sad you never really saw him with her, but you did kind of see her with Jack. Cue time jump, Deeks back in street clothes and he goes to find Kensi. Only he finds her with Jack and you kind of see him want to go, but doesn’t want to interrupt at the same time. You also got this whole he’s not sure of what this is that is happening. Only walks over after Jacks starts to walk away, really enjoyed that moment. Deeks knew about the history between Kensi and Jack, so could be seen as a moment of like take care of her. When they finally see each other and talk to each other so many emotions in one scene. Deeks starts off with just trying to be like I want to hug you and tell you how happy I am to see you again, because I thought you were dead and going out of my mind, but instead tried to act normal. Things between them are not normal, and it’s nice to see this whole what do I do kind of thing. You get the hug where they are just embracing for the first time after being apart for so long, than along comes Callen and Sam. They try to have this normalcy between them, even though a lot as changed. I really liked that aspect, they are like we are so glad you are safe, but try and make it seem like things are okay for Kensi. After they leave Kensi has this moment where she opens up to Deeks and leans on him. Deeks just pulls her into his arms and tells her it will be okay and that they are going home. You see his face his heart breaks for Kensi. He just wants to make it okay for her, but he doesn’t know how.

I don’t think I have seen so many sides to Deeks in one episode. Each new element that was brought in during the episode Eric Christian Olsen was able to pull you into his mind. He had to play so many emotions in this episode and so many different sides to Deeks, each one you were able to be in that moment with the character. I believe one of the big things in this episode with Deeks were Eric Christian Olsen eyes and how he was just in the moment. It was the eyes.

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CBS has a new kind of Fan Award up this time around it’s called Fanticipate Fall. The categories this time are Can’t wait for more awkward moments with Parents, Can’t wait for this dynamic duo’s next adventure, Can’t wait for the next exciting reveal, Can’t wait for more sizzling chemistry, and Can’t wait for more laugh out loud moments. Kensi and Deeks are up for Can’t wait for more sizzling chemistry. So Click on the link below and vote for them.


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